It’s been too long!

It’s been too long!

Hey everyone!

So much to tell  you all because so much has happened since my last post. Sorry I haven’t  updated my website, my computer is on it’s last legs. So we replaced it finally.

So first up I just sent out my October newsletter! And it looks awesome. I shared a ton of new content in there from the newsletter header, a never before seen promo graphic, an awesome teaser from the book and my new avatar! Don’t you just love her! I know I do! I’m super proud of this one because it took me quite some time to create!

  Breezysigned Jpeg In other news, my release was pushed back. Unfortunately my editor and I had to discuss it and decided to push the release back to December so we could give Winter’s Rise its due credit. Which was so hard to do, because I really can’t wait to get this story out to you guys. But I also want to send out the best book I can. And I believe in it enough to take the extra time for edits. 

So now those edits are done! Yay. I’ve sent Winter’s Rise out to the final line editor and we have begun that process!  So right now we’re looking at the first or second week of December for release. Of course I will keep you all updated for sure! Cuz its ganna be awesome!!! 

Thanks for listening to me and as always 




Tis the season for a Winter’s Rise




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