What’s New and in the works.

What’s New and in the works.

I’m so sorry guys, I always forget to update my website. Must get better at that.

Any how there’s so much exciting stuff going on in my world.

FIRST lets start with the words. I’ve been working on Book Two Winter’s Rebel of course but that’s still a ways off. I do however have a little something extra I’ve been working on coming out As Soon As I Can Get It Out!  I’m doing some spin off’s of some side Character’s in Winters Rise, specifically Jack, Ava and Vixen (Though my friend and author Alice Faie will be doing Ava’s Story!) It’s planned to be a short novella, just a little something extra to wet your appetites until book two comes out! So exciting.

SECOND I’ve redone all my branding or mostly anyway. I’ve had some Logo’s created for me and have added them to all the things. Soon I’ll be getting some business cards reprinted and Some really cool stickers too! So stay up to get in on those!

Cool so I think that’s it for now. If you want to keep up with me better than I keep up with my website follow me on insta, facebook and twitter or join my newsletter! I’m pretty good at keeping up to date on those!

Alright Lovies

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