So many words!

So many words!

Hey everyone!! I have so much exciting news for you guys! You remember that short story I  was telling you all about! Well it is coming October 15th! Along with 20 other amazing authors and their stories!!!

Mine will be Frost Bites- Jack Frost’s story for all of you amazing people!

Frost Bite’s by Breezy Jones- 

          Jack Frost has been sent to Savannah Georgia to rein in a Winter Fae, spreading snow across the southern states.
Only when she gets there this Fae doesn’t want to be found, let alone give up their new found power.
Having no other choice Jack is forced to team up with Liam Knight the Savannah werewolf Alpha.
Can Jack and Liam stop this Winter’s threat or will they loose their hearts along the way?

Check out Frost Bites within the Immortal Hunger Box set below!!!


Immortal Hunger

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