37557650_320189328521681_7603092729630818304_n Winter’s Rise (book one in the Winter’s Series.) by Breezy Jones

Christmas is a time for hot chocolate and snow angels…and Nina Winters wants nothing to do with any of it. All alone and failing epically with this whole being a werewolf thing, all she can do is move through the paces of life.

The last – or the best – thing she needed was for Mr. Way-Toooo-Sexy Ryker to break-in and turn her life upside down. Emotions fly and Nina can’t decide if she wants to punch him…or kiss him.

Just as she starts to gain her balance, life tangles her tinsel. Her once lost bestie, Lindsey, has surfaced and Nina has to find her. Oh, and not get killed in the process.

Between werewolf pack dynamics, Genies, and…Christmas Fae? What could possibly go wrong?

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