Countdown to Christmas

Seven Days of Christmas Countdown

There is nothing that I love more than the Winter Holiday’s! With so much going on this time of year, things can get crazy. Like Super Crazy! Between shopping and wrapping and cooking and decorating and vising and OMG I’m out of breath just typing that. Haha. But what I love the most is the small moments. You know the ones, when you put off wrapping gifts for another night, curl up on the couch with your cozy fur blanket, a bucket of popcorn and turn on the newest Hallmark Movie! The moments like a warm bubble bath with a Christmas Glitter Bath Bomb while you read a cozy Holiday tale by candle light! Those are the Holiday moments I live for! The ones I thrive on!

One of the things I love the most is Christmas Eve! Yes I love Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve is where its at for me! When it’s just me, my husband, my baby girl and our three fur babies. A home cooked meal! A glass of wine and we all curl up to watch a Holiday movie or read Olaf’s A Night Before Christmas. It’s the night that it’s just us- our little family. Cozies up in preparation for Christmas Day. To me It’s Magical! I always try to have everything done before Christmas Eve so that night is just ours!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite part of the Winter Holidays are?

-Seven Days Until Christmas Countdown-

I Also want to shout out to you all that I’m doing the Seven Days of Christmas Countdown on my Social media! So Follow me on Facebook and Instagram- It’s on my main profile pages! Each day I’m doing a fun game, Voting Poll or Engaging Question and a Giveaway to celebrate not only Seven days until Christmas but also Winter’s Rise is on sale for only .99 Cents. Only Seven days! AND! Frost Bites is up for Pre-order for only .99!!!
Extra entries for proof of purchase of Winter’s Rise or Pre-order Frost Bites!

Seven days of Fun, Giveaways and Holiday Deals!


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