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Hey Luvies,


Omg guys! The book you have been waiting for! Okay well one of them! Is now available for Pre-Order! I’ve got to tell you all, Jack and Liam so far are my favorite couple. Don’t get me wrong Winter’s Rise- Nina and Ryker will always hold that special place in my heart, but Frost Bites- Jack and Liam Yummm!!! They are hot hot hot and I love them. This one has been probably the easiest for me to write. The words just flew through my fingers to the page and the outcome makes me giddy with excitement!

I hope you love this story as much as I have writing it!

So jump on it and pre-order your e-copy today!!!!

Pre-Order right now for only .99 Cents! Limited Time!


Breezy Jones



Frost Bites is available for Pre-order on Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo!

Amazon Coming Soon

Frost Bites

Jack Frost has been sent to Savannah Georgia to rein in a Winter Fae, spreading snow across the southern states.

Only when she gets there this Fae doesn’t want to be found, let alone give up their new-found power.

Having no other choice Jack is forced to team up with Liam Knight the Savannah werewolf Alpha.

Can Jack and Liam stop this Winter’s threat or will they lose their hearts along the way?

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

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