Happy New Year!

Hello Luvies,

It’s a New Year, New me, and New you! I love the New Year, a fresh start! A year so full of promise and possibilities! My top resolution this year is to really focus on my branding as an author. To get my name and books out there into the world! To get my website where I want it will so many fun things for you guys to play and follow along with!

I Have big plans this year for writing. Three projects I’m working on while Frost Bites is in the hands of my husband for formatting! Winter’s Rebel has finally clicked into place for me! Which I can’t express how amazing that is. I’ll be talking about that more later on this month. And then I have two secret projects that deadlines are running up much faster than I’d hoped. Haha. But they are all getting there and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Tell me about you? Big plans this year? What’s your new years resolutions? Tell me below in the comments!

Xoxo Breezy Jones

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