Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Luvies

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays… Why? Because it’s all about love. No matter if you’re married, dating or single it’s still a day to celebrate with those you love. Maybe that’s your Bestie, or your fur babies, or the man of your dreams. No matter the who share all the love with all those that you can because that’s what makes this day so special.

Well that and of course chocolate… and wine. Haha. The perks for sure! Share the love with the world around you or just with your self. Take a spa day or soak in a nice hot bath with a new sexy read! Or you could be like me and binge Asian TV haha. Is that WEIRD? Probably but whateve. My husband works tonight- such is the life of a bar owner lol. But that just means I have the night to myself. So Asian TV it is cuz… Im hooked!!! Its Boss and Me is what ill be binging while I soak up some hot suds with a nice cold glass of wine tonight. lol

No matter what you do or who you do it with… today is about the love!


Breezy Jones

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