I have an Office!

Hello Luvies

We had planned on buying a house but decided recently to stay where we’re at and buy in a few years. Hopefully this will allow us to move to Savannah much faster than we had originally hoped!

One of the best perks of this! I get an Office!!! I’ve always wanted my own space for working, especially since I work from home but at our previous house there just wasn’t space and neither would their be much in the house we had planned on buying. Fortunately we got super lucky in finding the house we’re renting now last minute. It has space for an office! We’ve been here a little over a month now but I didn’t fully unpack since we had planned on buying a house in a few months and wouldn’t be here long.

Making the decision to stay I get to unpack and have an office. I am so excited. The picture on this post is my inspiration. I found the picture on Pintrest. So it is not my own.

But it gives me all the feels that I want in my own office. I can’t wait to share with you all my office once its done. I have a long way to go. I got a desk and a pretty pink chair! And having just started unpacking I was able to put up some shelves and start putting away my books. Again I still have a long way to go but little by little it’s getting there and I cannot express how happy I am to finally have a space to call my own. A place I can go to for work and shut the door on the rest of the house if I need to!

Tell me in the comments do you have your own office space! I would love to see it if you do or your inspiration for the dream office you would want!


Breezy Jones

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