It’s My Birthday!

Hey luvies,

It’s My Birthday!

OMG! I can’t believe it’s my birthday. The big 30! Shit I’m getting old. Haha.

For real though I am now a full grown Adult. I can’t believe I’m thirty years old. It felt like it took a life time to get to twenty one and then woosh I’m thirty. Where did it all go?

Bright side! I don’t fell thirty years old, and hell I don’t think I look thirty years old. I hope I don’t look thirty years old. But hey they say thirty’s are the best years of your life! I hope their right because I’m excited to see whether I’m half way through a really short life or a third of the way through a really long one!

So what are my plans for my dirty thirty? Well thanks to my amazing husband who got me a gift card for eyelash extensions which my appointment for is this morning. Like early early lol. Too early for people to be awake but really it’s totally worth it. After that I’m not sure yet maybe some more me pampering lol. And later a dinner date with all the ones I love. Or most of them anyway. There’s only so many chairs haha.

Ultimatly I’m looking forward to thirty and an amazing Birthday!



Photo by Grace Madeline on Unsplash

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