Release Day!

Hello Luvies,

It is finally here! Release day for Frost Bites- A Winter’s Series Novella!

Ahhh!!!!!!! I am so excited! I hope you all are as excited as I am! I have been dying for this story to go Live! This is my first go at a 100% Romance Story and personally I love it. Jack and Liam are so hot! I won’t lie this story terrified me writing it because it has adult scenes. I had never written anything near this steamy so it was a first. A terrifying but exciting one! In the end I’m really happy with how the story came out and I cannot wait to hear what you all think of it!

If you read Winter’s Rise then you’ve already met Jack Frost! Though this one is a standalone so it’s not necessary to read Winter’s Rise to love this story! But Liam is new to everyone and he is so sexy- at least I think so. I really wanted this story to focus on the romance. Yes there’s an impending doom upon the town of Savannah that they must try to stop but I really wanted this one to be all about Jack and Liam and let the bad guy take the back seat. Hopefully I accomplished this- I think I did anyway haha.

Blurb- Frost Bites- A Winter’s Series Novella

Jack Frost has been sent to Savannah, Georgia to rein in a wayward Winter Fae spreading cold and chaos across the southern states. A tough task made tougher with Christmas magic in disarray.

It soon becomes obvious that this Fae doesn’t want to be found, let alone give up her newfound powers. And she might just have gathered her own personal army of witches…

Having no other choice, Jack is forced to ask werewolf Liam Knight, the ‘Playboy Alpha of the South,’ for help. But Liam’s price may be more than Jack is willing to pay.

Can Jack and Liam come to terms in their alliance, and with their growing feelings for each other? Or will this Winter Fae freeze the South, and their hearts?

Comment below and tell me your thoughts! Did you love it, Is Liam totally your new book boyfriend? He’s so mine haha.


Breezy Jones

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