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What is up for December

Hey Luvies,

What’s up for December?
This month is always a crazy month for everyone. So it only makes sense that it’s crazy for me. Truth… I love it though. This is my time to shine. I decorate my entire house top to bottom! Christmas Music plays and cookies bake. Its a magical time for us for sure!
The best part of this time of year for me is how much it gets me into my writing. Which helps a lot seeing as how my books are based around Christmas Characters. Haha.
For real though the plots start flowing and the words just come so much easier when there’s Holiday Glitter in the air!
Nina and Ryker are dancing through my mind and Jack and Liam are singing along! Its a beautiful thing.
What do you love the most about this holiday season? Is it the fact that people just seem to be more thoughtful? Or the decorating oh how I love the Christmas Lights. Or my favorite, the shopping? All those gifts just waiting to be bought, calling your name to be wrapped and placed ever so neatly under the tree. Is it the time with your family, coming close to sing a carol by your Alexa or laughing with eggnog in hand while you sit around a warmly lit fire?

Comment below with your thoughts because you know I’d love to hear them. Let this season be jolly and until next time!


Breezy Jones

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